Thursday, December 20, 2012

Long-Lasting Foods to Consider

There is no shame in preparing for disaster; it does not make you a freak, as the media leadership would like people to believe. In 2003, I was in a New York city blackout; there was much talk at the time about how the power-grids on the east coast needed upgrading or at least some degree of enhanced maintenance. This autumn of 2012 saw a hurricane affect that very area adversely, and in nine years the local government has not done anything to improve the system, nor has it made any preparatory moves to protect its citizenry from failure. This means that individuals and families are left on their own to survive whatever happens, and getting ready with intelligent planning is essential. I have located a pretty good page that suggests a few long-lasting items that may save your lives during a storm, or worse:

FOODS to Store 

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When Musicians Dressed Swell

Pictured: the Floyd Standifer (on trumpet) band of Seattle, circa 1960, playing at Pete's Poopdeck.

You don't see any Plumber's Crack, skinny, shorty-legs pants  or tee-shirts here. These professional musicians are dressed with self-respect, and are plenty comfortable with their short-sleeved white shirts and belts to hold up their trousers at the Actual Waist, which keeps them looking tall and well-proportioned.

The Beatles, Consistently Well-Dressed Musicians, circa 1965

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fashion Failure

If you wish to be well-dressed, make certain that you know the names of clothing features, and are familiar with basic human anatomy. Here is a woman ("celebrity stylist") whose recommendations for winter style include a ridiculous pair of pants or trousers that barely cover the pubic region, which she mysteriously labels "the waist area".  And imagine the Plumber's Crack that must be visible at the back. No wonder so-called celebrities look so hideous!
QUOTE from the woman who is promoting
this tragic garment:
"These are the best fitting corduroys I've come across. They're extra long—which I love because I'm tall—and fit perfectly in the waist area. The vintage shadow color, which is a beautiful gray, is a great alternative to traditional denim, and the corduroy texture is so exactly right for this time of year."
The waist is located an inch above one's navel. These trousers don't even come close.
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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Original Rock Paintings of M-J de Mesterton

      Mystic Rock and Gem Painter M-J de Mesterton    Color-Field , Oil on Canvas 72" X 60", by M-J de Mesterton,  C...