Monday, February 18, 2013

Drying Clothes the Natural Way is Elegant

The safest, most efficient and elegant way to dry your clothing and towels is outdoors on a line. Don't let gutless, self-conscious lower-middle class strivers and ignorant acquaintances tell you otherwise. The best houses in Europe use clothes-lines, and these days people in the States are getting wise to the age-old tradition of conserving electricity and utilising solar-power. Line-dried clothing has longevity, an appealing crisp texture,  and a sunny fresh scent. 
©M-J de Mesterton 2013

Burgundy-Style Wine in a Box

Elegant, Inexpensive Burgundy in a Box, by Almaden Vineyards

Wine isn’t used just for drinking in France; it is used in cookery, including the famous braised-beef dish boeuf bourguignon. Marinating and cooking meat  in Burgundy wine makes it very tender, with a robust flavour.
In the U.S., you may wish to keep a five-litre box of Almaden Mountain Burgundy (available at Sam’s and elsewhere for between 12 and 15 USD) in the kitchen for cooking. This way, a whole bottle of Burgundy, which can be expensive, doesn’t need to be opened when you just wish to add a half-cup of it to your dish. The wine is protected in an air-free vessel  inside the box, and is always at-hand for occasional use in cookery. Wine on-tap on top of the refrigerator is a great boon to any creative home-cook. 
©M-J de Mesterton 2010

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Elegant Rock Paintings

M-J de Mesterton, the Original Rock Painter
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The Winter of Deshabille--New York Fashion WEAK

Fashion-Week Attendees: Cries for Help

Photos from the New York Post: "Best Dressed at Fashion Week"

How can you even consider them DRESSED? Women who wear sandals in snow, sleeveless dresses and hot-pants in winter, bare legs and bulging veins, shoes without stockings; men whose trousers puddle at their shoes--how sick are they, really? I would hate to see the "worst-dressed"!!!!
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Friday, February 15, 2013

Parisien Benjamin Patou: Interview

Benjamin Patou, 
Interviewed by Margaret Kemp
Creator of Moma Group, Benjamin Patou, great-nephew of couturier Jean Patou was born in Neuilly where he lives to-day. Dubbed “le roi de la nuit parisienne” Patou began his brilliant career as a DJ and has since acquired several top Paris hot-spots. His dream is to buy into Jean Patou and restore it to its former glory.

Bonjour Paris

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Green Tea Fights Flu

“Green tea is known to contain antiviral components that prevent influenza infection,” wrote Hiroshi Yamada, MD, PhD, of the University of Shizuoka, Japan.

Yamada and his colleagues analyzed questionnaires from 2,050 students, ages six to 13 years, in elementary schools in Kikugawa City. The questionnaires included information about their consumption of green tea.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Winter Cold Remedies

Hot Chiles, Onions and Ginger are Known to Help Relieve Colds

Gargle with Himalayan Salt and Warm Water 
(Oil Painting of Himalayan Salt Crystals by M-J de Mesterton, ©2007)
Carrots, Onions, Ginger and Peppers Sautéed and Served with Rice: a Cold-Fighting Luncheon Dish

I once cured my husband, who has been malarial since his operations in Africa, of a devastating cold/cough/fever/flu. I fed him sliced ginger in honey a few times a day, cayenne capsules, various herbal tisanes, aspirin and Theraflu. Whenever we get a hint of a tickle in our throats, or wake up with a full-fledged sore throat, we gargle with salt, take Zicam, Airborne in a glass of water,  and eat a lot of ginger. Neither of us has had a cold since that aforementioned worrisome time. A trip to the doctor will do no good for the common cold. We would never dream of plugging up the already-jammed waiting rooms for such a malady, and antibiotics do nothing for viruses. Even Tamiflu only shortens the duration of influenza by a day or so. Here is a well-known trick to ward off a nascent cold: put hydrogen peroxide in the ears. If one is not averse to sugar, keeping a jar full of candied ginger is a good idea. That way, you can pop a piece whenever you feel a bit down. A better way to ingest ginger is to slice it fresh and mix it with honey, another a germ-killer. Is ginger a panacea? No, but it certainly enhances general health, as do hot peppers, because they create an environment in which viruses seldom thrive. Raw garlic works, you say? It may make you well, but it will make your friends sick. Remember to have salt, honey, ginger, hydrogen peroxide and red pepper in the pantry during this winter to stuff a cold or influenza infection in its beginning stages, so that you can get well sooner.
©M-J de Mesterton, 2006--2013

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The Original Rock Paintings of M-J de Mesterton

      Mystic Rock and Gem Painter M-J de Mesterton    Color-Field , Oil on Canvas 72" X 60", by M-J de Mesterton,  C...